6 secrets of selling packaging

How to choose plastic bags with a logo and other flexible packaging.
6 secrets of selling packaging

According to research by marketers: while a potential buyer pays attention to the packaging and become interested in it, a few seconds pass. Everyone has long known that packaging is one of the most important factors for making a purchase. Our company knows how to create stylish plastic bags with a logo and flexible packaging that will set you apart from the competition.

The phrase: "packaging - a dumb seller of goods" - has long been no secret, but few people take it up. Only those entrepreneurs who understand the importance of this statement, take leadership positions, taking their product to a new level.

A few principles of properly chosen flexible packaging or polyethylene bags with the logo:
1. The buyer must immediately understand what is in the packaging. How to choose the color of branded packaging?
2. The packaging should attract the interested eye of the consumer among many analogues. Try to use unusual shapes and designs. For example, a novelty - transparent plastic t-shirt bags with logo.
3. Conduct a survey or use the services of specialized marketing research agencies to help find out what your target audience would be interesting to see.
4. The most important information should be placed in the center. Few of the endless stream of people will want to understand the abstract composition of various elements without a center and obvious structure. After all, most buyers do not have extra time for this.
5. Honesty. Recall your feelings when the package featured appetizing, beautiful ice cream, but in fact, it turned out to be not even half as similar to what was printed on the packaging. This is a bad marketing move and it will not provide a long term relationship with the customer as he will feel cheated.
6. Try not to use banal cliché phrases such as: "best quality", "great taste" and so on. Such praise of their products has long since receded into the background, because everyone uses it. If your product or packaging is eco, emphasize this, if it is cheaper than others – write it. The buyer is more likely to remember exactly this product.

New packaging solutions will help attract a whole new target audience to your product. Experiment with packaging and try something interesting and unusual. And we can make for you modern and stylish flexible packaging and bags with logo.
A big bonus is that we offer free design on our products.