Spunbond bag with slotted handles

Spunbond - a textile fabric created on the basis of polypropylene. This material is characterized by high strength and resistance to acids and alkalis. It does not contain toxins and does not cause allergies.

Eco-friendly handbag – «walking» advertising of your brand. You can order a logo from us, and for 2-3 years (the average period of its use) the product will advertise your product, service or brand. At the same time, the brand name will be associated with social responsibility and care for the environment.

We offer a large selection of colors and material density. Here you can not only buy, but also order the printing of your logo and any other image, making them an advertisement for your company.

Minimum order:

  • individual sizes - from 1000 pcs.
  • with printing - 5 thousand pieces (flex printing), 1-3 thousand pieces (silk stencil)
SKU: EP0011
Spunbond bag with slotted handles
  • Material - spunbond
  • Thickness: 28-90 g/m²
  • Number of printing colors - 4 colors

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SKU: EP0011