Dropshipping is an extremely popular business model all over the world and in Ukraine. Up to 90% of small online stores operate as dropshipers.

For those who do not know how this business model works, read more detail below.

Dropshipping (from the English drop shipping - direct delivery) - a type of business activity, which consists in the sale of goods of the supplier company through an intermediary (dropshiper). Logogroup works according to this scheme and acts as a supplier. According to this scheme of activity, the Logogroup company, i.e. the supplier, sends the goods to the address reported by the dropshipper, i.e. you.

In practice, it looks something like this: 
1. You conclude a cooperation agreement with our company. Then you should place the goods on your own sales platform, encouraging the buyer to make a purchase. You do not need to buy the goods. 
2. The buyer, after seeing on your platform, an interesting product to him, makes a purchase. 
3. After that, the dropshipper, i.e. you, send all information about the order to the supplier (our company) and point data for delivery. 
4. After receiving the order details, we send the goods directly to the buyer. 
5. You inform the buyer about sending the order and receive feedback.

The big advantage of this type of activity is that you doт't need to carry about investing in goods, manufacturing issues, maintenance of the warehouse, office, staff, etc. Your main task is to generate orders. After all, the greater the number of orders, the higher the earnings. Your profit is formed by the difference between the price you pay to Logogroup and the retail price at which you sell the product to the customer.

This business model is a type of activity in which customers buys the goods through you (intermediary),often without even knowing it, but receives the parcel directly from our company (supplier).

We offer you to start earn a lot now, without investments! We will be happy to talk to you about possible mutually beneficial cooperation. 
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